As the new heart of Abu Dhabi, Makers District is a unique development where culture and tradition meet modern day design.

The Makers Village includes mid-rise gateway buildings to the site periphery, complemented by the low-rise community and innovation/ Makers hub, forms the heart of the project. It is a mixed-used project consisting of residential, offices, retail, F&B and clinic distributed on 7 towers with 2 basements with 1,100 parking spaces.

The new residential development comprised of two plots within the Makers District master plan (V02 & V03) and positioned between the district’s central vehicular boulevard and its public waterfront, the realm of the pedestrian. A vibrant public axis that connects the Makers Village via a bridge with the waterfront bisects the two sites. The propose building reflects the hybrid and dynamic character of the new neighborhood.

The Artery is a multi-storey carpark, sits at the center of the project and acts as the seed for the entire development and also will host public events within the central atrium of the Artery.